Tuesday 13th continued

More  unlocking doors. What’s the matter now? It was a wardress to count the number of panes I had broken. I read until tea came or is it supper?  Another knife with ‘Votes for Women’ scratched on it. I scratched:

“Asquith’s reign has passed away

Winston Churchill’s had his day

Suffragettes have come to stay

Therefore give them Votes”

on the other side.  Just as I finished it the wardress came for the knife. Tea consisted of the usual loaf, I could only manage a few crumbs as it is vile, and a pint of water as I refused the cocoa. My fat will soon be reduced.

I have just finished reading my own book. I’ve had a look out of the window and saw an old man walk past much interested in our broken windows.  A few minutes ago someone in a cell lower down called for 3 cheers for Mrs Pankhurst, then Christabel and then Annie Kenny. I can’t make Kathleen Brown hear me. She answers the knocks but nothing more.

I’m now going to make my bed. An endless day. I hear doors unlocking again. Into bed at 8o’clock.


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