Saturday 17th July

I can’t get up this morning. The cleaner came and swept out my cell. She smiled at me and it made me so weepy. The Doctor has been and tried to persuade me to give up the Hunger Strike by saying  I was not so robust as the others, what would my Mother say and so on. I had to make a fool of my self when he had gone. The Governor and Matron have just been to say the Herbert Gladstone has written that he has fully considered the petitions but sees no reason why he should take action which proves he could if he would. The Chaplain just looked in.

A visiting magistrate has just been and seemed very sympathetic.  He says he will inform H. Gladstone that nothing but 1st Division will satisfy us. He says 4 more suffragettes came in yesterday. I expect they are Freedom Leaguers. Dinner has just been brought in and it is now 72 hours since I tasted food. “Great your strength if great your need.”

Tremendous excitement. Mary Allen has just come down to the cell next to mine. She has been in Dx til now. Miss Spring has been taken back to Dx because she was ill I think. Mary Allen has broken more windows when she heard H G’s reply. It has quite bucked me up.

There has been a butterfly in my cell all day. It beat itself against the window at night and made such a noise until I got up and put it in a paper bag.



3 Responses to “Saturday 17th July”

  1. Natalie Hunt Says:

    This is such a facinating read! Am hooked. I wish we could travel back in time and give these women a positive boost of encouragement!

  2. Terry Says:

    I agree, I stumbled upon this through my cousin’s blog and I am sooo hooked too. What a wonderful find, what a wonderful story – I am so deeply thankful for what these ladies have gone through to get me my vote. I will encourage my girls to read this too. Thank you for posting these wonderful diary posts. I cannot put the computer off.

    • goldenboots Says:

      I’m delighted you found this! It’s brilliant isn;’t it that these are all her words and her handwriting! Thank you for your interest. 🙂

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