Sunday 18th August 1909

(This is the date as written in the Diary. It seems that her days on Hunger Strike have confused our Suffragette.      It should be Sunday July 18th)

I had a fairly good night but dreaming of food all the time. I find it was Saturday yesterday and not Friday as I thought. The Governor came early. I said I had nothing to say. He said he was very sorry. I feel more cheerful today. I’ve had quite long talks with Mary Allen through the wall. Miss Brooke was ill in the night. We have beaten Mrs Wallace Dunlop’s record. Dinnertime today will be 96 hours without food.

The younger Doctor has been. He felt my pulse for ever so long both sitting up and lying down. I wonder if we shall be sent to Hospital. Mary Allen is singing. Her heart is bad. So is Miss Carwin’s who has also a very bad headache and lumbago. Mary Allen is thinking of what she will do when she is on her holidays. We heard the singing in the Chapel. Mary Allen is singing hymns for us now.

I am sitting with my feet in hot water which is brought every night. I found the others don’t get it. I asked the Doctor for it. I’ve just made my bed. It’s made me feel so tired and faint. Our feet are all like stones. I don’t think the Doctor is coming again tonight. I think Mary Allen feels being in these cells rather badly but she says she would not have missed it. We shall have a tale to tell if we get out alive. I suppose everyone is going to Church now. I hope they will remember we poor wretches.

“To Freedom’s Cause till Death!”  My feet are warmer now. The Doctor did come.


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