Monday 19th August

( Still some confusion re dates; should be Monday 19th July)

I had rather a bad night. My bed I was sure was stuffed with stones and my poor bones ached terribly.  When the Doctor came I asked if he could not send us all to Hospital. He said, as a matter of fact he was going to send me there but I must take some nourishment.

At a little after 12o’clock just after dinner had been thrust in the Hospital Matron and 2 prisoners with a carrying chair came for me and carried me to the Hospital. They put me to bed and gave me a hot water bottle and brought me jelly, milk, bread and butter etc which of course I refused. The Doctor came and talked and talked but I said I wouldn’t budge.

Then he came and asked me where I wanted what was left of me to be sent at the end of the month. I said I did not think there would be any to send anywhere. I gave him Clements Inn and Miss Jones’ address. They brought me library books, the other Doctor came, I had a footbath and then the wardress who was very nice, settled me for the night.

At 6.20 the Governor came with the Matron and said, “Are you feeling miserable?”

I said, “Not at all. I’m very comfortable.”

“Are you still obstinate?”


“Well, I have some news for you, you are to be released.”

He told me to be very quiet and move about slowly and he would send a wardress to dress me and also some brandy in a beaten egg.  He said he would send to Miss Jones and see if she could take me.

As soon as he had gone I got up and waited and at about 7.20 after the Matron had brought me my bag a wardress came for me and I was taken in a cab to the Jones’.

At about 8o’clock the Drum and Fife Band came and they fetched Mrs. Leigh in to see me and then Christabel and Mrs Lawrence came just as I was put to bed.

I never was so happy in my life!

Last page of Diary to follow


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