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Wednesday 14th July

July 14, 2009

I’ve had a splendid night. I got up at 6.15, got fresh water and had breakfast. I must ask for the Doctor and be a vegetarian. I can’t stand this bread without any butter. My pen is drying up. I’ve asked to see the Governor.

I’ve been looking out of the window. I can make a good noise by putting a piece of paper over my comb and blowing hard. It takes a good deal of wind. Miss Spring (next door) and I have quite long conversations. There are two black cats in the yard. I broke a pane just where my mouth can reach when I am on my chair so I get a little fresh air. I have a little piece of chocolate left from Bow Street which I shall eat if I cannot get the dinner down. I hear Theresa Garnett in the distance.

We are all greatly excited.  Theresa Garnett has been able to make a woman in one of the adjoining gardens hear and has told her to send word to Clements Inn and the Press.  I waved my tie out of a broken pane to a woman at a window. Her husband came and they brought the baby and held it up for us to see. I can hear Theresa Garnett calling to someone outside. It is Miss Jones. She is going to tell Christabel Pankhurst and try to get a Press photographer. Everyone in great excitement. I can’t make Kathleen Brown hear me.

Miss Jones is at a window with a flag. She says Christabel is coming.

The Doctor has just been. I am to be put on a vegetarian diet. Christabel has been and two photographers! We all stuck something out of our windows and MacKenzie and Garnett, who are at the end of the building and could make her hear, told Christabel all about it. The Drum and Fife Band is coming tonight and other visitors. It’s been a most exciting morning!

(to be continued)


Tuesday 13th continued

July 13, 2009

More  unlocking doors. What’s the matter now? It was a wardress to count the number of panes I had broken. I read until tea came or is it supper?  Another knife with ‘Votes for Women’ scratched on it. I scratched:

“Asquith’s reign has passed away

Winston Churchill’s had his day

Suffragettes have come to stay

Therefore give them Votes”

on the other side.  Just as I finished it the wardress came for the knife. Tea consisted of the usual loaf, I could only manage a few crumbs as it is vile, and a pint of water as I refused the cocoa. My fat will soon be reduced.

I have just finished reading my own book. I’ve had a look out of the window and saw an old man walk past much interested in our broken windows.  A few minutes ago someone in a cell lower down called for 3 cheers for Mrs Pankhurst, then Christabel and then Annie Kenny. I can’t make Kathleen Brown hear me. She answers the knocks but nothing more.

I’m now going to make my bed. An endless day. I hear doors unlocking again. Into bed at 8o’clock.