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Tuesday 13th continued

July 13, 2009

More  unlocking doors. What’s the matter now? It was a wardress to count the number of panes I had broken. I read until tea came or is it supper?  Another knife with ‘Votes for Women’ scratched on it. I scratched:

“Asquith’s reign has passed away

Winston Churchill’s had his day

Suffragettes have come to stay

Therefore give them Votes”

on the other side.  Just as I finished it the wardress came for the knife. Tea consisted of the usual loaf, I could only manage a few crumbs as it is vile, and a pint of water as I refused the cocoa. My fat will soon be reduced.

I have just finished reading my own book. I’ve had a look out of the window and saw an old man walk past much interested in our broken windows.  A few minutes ago someone in a cell lower down called for 3 cheers for Mrs Pankhurst, then Christabel and then Annie Kenny. I can’t make Kathleen Brown hear me. She answers the knocks but nothing more.

I’m now going to make my bed. An endless day. I hear doors unlocking again. Into bed at 8o’clock.


July 11th 2009

July 11, 2009

Today, while sorting some of my late Father’s papers, I came across an envelope marked Suffragette’s Diary and I began to read. Serendipity indeed – the entries begin on July 12th 1909, one hundred years ago come tomorrow.

What follows is a transcript of the Diary, written by an unknown Suffragette, who was imprisoned in Holloway , along with a number of other window breakers.

I have used only initials for the other prisoners though they are in the Diary in full. The only name we don’t know is that of the author.

As my Great Grandmother was a Suffragette, also imprisoned in Holloway, I have a particular interest and intend to read, transcribe and publish each day so don’t yet know how the story will unfold.